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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

types 0f architectural plan....

  • floor plan

In architecture and building engineering study is in diagram,usually t0 scale 0f the relati0nships between r0om,spaces and 0ther physical features at 0ne level 0f the structural.Dimensi0ns are usually drawn between the walls t0 specify r0om sizes and wall lengths.Fl0or plan will als0 include details 0f fixtures like sinks,water heaters,furnaces,etc.Fl0or plans will include n0tes t0 specify finishes,c0nstucti0n meth0ds,0r symbols f0r electrical items.
fl0or plan

  • garden design

Garden design is the art pr0cess 0f designing and creating plans f0r lay0uts and planting 0f gardens and landscapes.Garden design may be design by the garden 0wner themselves,0r by pr0fessi0nals 0f varying levels 0f experience and expertise.M0st professi0nal garden designers are trained in principles 0f design in h0rticulture,and have an expert kn0wledge and experience 0f using plants.S0me pr0fessi0nal garden designers are also landscape architects,a m0re f0rmal level 0f training that usually requires an advanced degree and 0ften a state licence.

  • landscape plan

Landscape plan is a branch 0f landscape architecture.Urban park systems and greenways 0f the type planned by Frederick Law Olmsted are key examples 0f urban landscap planning.Landscape planners can l0ok beyond the 'cl0sely drawn technical limits'and 'narr0wly drawn territ0rial boundries'which c0nstrain design pr0jects.

  • urban plan

Urban,city and t0wn planning is the integrati0n 0f the disciplines 0f land use planning and transp0rt planning,t0 expl0re a very wide range 0f aspects 0f the built and s0cial envir0nments 0f urbanized municipalities and c0mmunities.Regi0nal planning deal with a still larger envir0nment,at a less detailed level.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

architectural drawing hist0ry....preface...

aerial bank 0f england

Panthe0n Souffl0t elevati0n

architectural sketch 0f a h0use

Ryrie building-perspective 0f the s0uth and west facades

B0n Marche secti0n

Mais Carree Fr0nt elevati0n

Monday, February 14, 2011

the Pr0phet Muhammad(SAW)...

The Pr0phet(SAW)was neither tall n0r sh0rt.His hands and feet were heavy and thick(but n0t calloused).He had a large head,large bones and a l0ng line 0f fine hair extending fr0m chest t0 navel.When he walked,he leant f0rward as if descending a sl0pe.I have n0t seen any0ne,bef0re him 0r after him,wh0 was c0mparable t0 him.

                                                                                                ~ALI BIN ABU TALIB(RA)~

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g0lden beaches...sweet vacati0n..///

pacific sunset,pism0 beach,CA.
c0okj island,new zealand.


maldive island.